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      Rong Qiao Property Management is headquartered in Fuzhou. Along with Rong Qiao Group's development, Rong Qiao's property management projects now can be found in Fuzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Hefei, Tianjin, Xiamen, Zhengzhou, Wuxi, Huai'an, Fuqing, Longyan and other cities. It mainly serves high-end residential communities, commercial residential buildings, villas, office buildings and other types of property. By the beginning of 2018, the company had more than 60 projects (a total area of more than 10 million m2) under management, more than 3,000 employees and was serving over 300,000 households.

      Service Philosophy

      Rong Qiao Property Management always adheres to the principles of "quality services, warm homes, pursuit of excellence, sincere dedication", to create a safe, comfortable, convenient, harmonious and beautiful living environment.
      Through unremitting efforts, the company has won many national honors since its establishment:
      • 2016 In 2016, "17th for Brand Value among China's Property Management Enterprises" awarded by China Real Estate Association
      • 2016 In 2016, "One of China's Top 200 Property Management Enterprises for Comprehensive Strength" awarded by China Property Management Institute
      • 2011 In 2011, "The 30th Anniversary of Property Management Reform and Development - One of China's Top 100 Property Management Enterprises for Comprehensive Strength" awarded by China Property Management Institute
      • 2008 In 2008, "One of China's Top 100 Property Management Enterprises" awarded by China Real Estate Top 100 Panel
      • 2006 In 2006, "National High-Integrity Property Management Enterprise - A Company that Reassures the Government and Satisfies Property Owners" awarded by China Real Estate Management Committee
      • 2004 In 2004, national class-1 license for property management.
      • 2002 In 2002, "A Property Management Enterprise that Values Quality and Good Faith" awarded by China Association for Quality Inspection
      • 2001 In 2001, "A Company that Makes the Commitment to Provide Satisfactory Property Management" awarded by Ministry of Construction
      • 2000 In 2000, the company earned the ISO9000 certification for its quality management system by CQM-QCC

      Service Innovations

      Rong Qiao Property Management is committed to providing high quality services to property owners. In the meantime, it constantly brings forth innovations to its property service model. In Oct. 2013, it established a wholly-owned subsidiary Fuzhou Rong Qiao Yiju Community Service Co., Ltd. To meet property owners’ needs ranging from clothing, food, housing, transportation to recreation, shopping, travel and health care, through multi-industry and multi-project business planning, the company makes full use of property service resources to build various commercial operation platforms, to provide perfect service support for property owners and promote the improvement of service quality.
      The company will continue to develop and innovate, explore the road to sustainable development, continuously improve the property management and service models,
      to provide customers with high-quality property management and service.
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